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Gnarl is a co-founder of the Gnarly Gnomies working on the community & partnerships piece. Being involved in this project since the early days of Solana NFT's, a reputable trustworthy figure with good relationships!


What are GnomieZ?

Gnarly Gnomies have been a trusted brand in the Solana ecosystem since August 2021. The GnomieZ were a 2,035 collection rolled out in November 2021, and GEN2 being 625 complimentary supply intended for staking

Where can I purchase Gnomiez?

You can purchase both GEN1 & GEN2 on Magic Eden!

Where can I find out more about the community?

What secondary market?

Rarity tool for GEN1 GnomieZ can be found on the GEN1 page


GEN2 can be found on MoonRank

Where can I stake GEN2?