The Gnarly Gnomies
bring you 625 elite 64bit style

Let's get dis $GNOM

Enter GEN2

GnomieZ: GEN2

So what is GEN2? Well we formed a rockin' community with 2,035 8BIT GnomieZ - now we are upping the bit and lowering the supply. GEN2 was created to trim down GEN1 supply, allowing GEN1 trade in and burn. 
GEN2 will be able to be staked in Honey to earn $pHoney for a limited time. 
GEN1 will remain useful for partnership projects as well as being used for a raffle token, now with better odds given the new supply levels!

All Gnarly Gnomies brand Solana partnerships can be found below:

Gnomies Partnerships

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