GnomieZ: GEN2 Staking

Stake your GEN2 Gnomiez to earn!


$GNOM Staking

You can stake all GEN2 GnomieZ for $GNOM - GEN2 is the ONLY stakeable NFT

$GNOM will have a LP in which we will look to add via all secondary market royalties + any auctions that are created.

Breakdown is as following:
Founders: 5%

CM, Mods, Crew: 5%

Treasury: 20%

Liquidity & Staking Incentives: 70%

Utility will focus on giveaways, merch, 1/1 custom art, auctions for the time being


SPL Ecosystem tokens

As we have done with $WOOD and Lumberjack traits, there will be future tokens to be earned ($PUFF, $BOKU) etc. based off trait. 

We feel we want to be unique and provide access to earn more than just our own token and allow people to have exposure to other projects & their tokens.

We have a fun range of traits that make this possible, so scoop up general Gnomiez or scoop up by trait how you please!